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"It's not in numbers but in unity that our greatest strength lies."

Become a Member


We are always looking for new members to help us reach more of our Jacksonville community.

We have one general meeting a month along with one service and/or social event. Organizations we've partnered with have included JASMYN, Hope at Hand, Community Hospice, and Rise Against Hunger. Service is our club's top priority along with finding ways to level up our professional development and professional networks. 


Volunteering with Rotaract is a perfect way to gain additional experience in a field of interest, give back to your community, or simply make new connections. 

How to Become a Member

Membership with the club is $60 annually and we split that amongst service for local organizations, whether that be donations and/or supplies to assist in our service (i.e. buying food on top of member donations for the JASMYN food pantry), food and drink for our general meetings, and then some admin items such as shirts, buttons, etc.

Attend a General Meeting

Participate in a Service Event


Join us for a Social Event


Complete a Membership Application


Pay Membership Dues

Founding Members

Town Center Rotaract's Founding Members 

Initiation November 2018

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